Esports for schools

A significant portion of your community is already gaming. Take advantage and leverage one of the most powerful development opportunities of this generation...esports. 

Foster student

Social emotional development

Reinforce learning objectives

Our program is more than just an esports league. Our program focuses on social emotional learning and important development of life skills, helping reinforce your learning objectives. 

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Online Class

Engage students outside the classroom

Increase engagement

Reach underserved population

What happens when your students leave school? Offer your kids a program that helps increase engagement in your community and reaches a traditionally underserved population of students. 

Build a better esports

Coaching and supervision


Holistic development curriculum

We make it easy for you to build an effective esports program. We provide vetted, trained coaches, moderators, a development curriculum that focus on in-game skill and soft-skill development...and of course, other teams to compete against. 

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Have you thought about esports for your school?

Did you know that there are over 200 colleges that offer esports scholarships? Esports is a great pathway to college and career development. 

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Vanta's Esports Program for Schools

Community. Competition. Development.

We offer an organized, season-long amateur esports league experience — led by our trained, expert coaches.


  • Seasonal esports leagues and camps

  • Program management, customer support, moderation, and coaching

  • Year-round community engagement 

  • Vetted, trained, expert coaching 

  • Holistic player development curriculums 

“Esports isn’t the ‘next big thing,’ it’s the current big thing.” 

Launch your school esports program with ease

We make it easy for you to build and grow your esports program. Our program is "out of box" yet can be customized based on your needs. 




Book a call with one of our esports experts

Promote to your community 

Watch your students develop

Benefits of esports in schools

  • Character growth

  • Student engagement

  • STEM skills growth

  • Social-emotional skill development

  • Improvement in the classroom